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Reading List: Smallville

This post contains information and book titles for Smallville, sorted alphabetically. Click any linked title for a review of that book. If you are aware of a book that is not listed here, please comment with that book's title and author. If you'd like to review a book, please comment and specify the book by title and author. Several people may post a review for a single book, there are no limits in that regard. Happy reading!

Synopsis: Smallville is an American television series that debuted in September 2001 on the WB Network. Created by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, the series follows the adventures of a young Clark Kent (Tom Welling), now a teenager living in Smallville, Kansas, during the years before he becomes Superman. The series spawned one spinoff (Aquaman) that was not picked up by The CW for the Fall 2006-2007 lineup, promotional tie-ins including two sets of online "webisodes" produced by Verizon (titled Smallville: Chloe Chronicles and Smallville: Vengeance Chronicles, respectively), a series of young-adult novels, and a DC Comic.

Source: Wikipedia

Plot Summary: The series follows the life of a teenage Clark Kent living in the town of Smallville, Kansas, that is set at the start of the 21st century. It shows Clark Kent coping with adolescence while he is developing superpowers (super vision, superhearing, etc.), exploring his extraterrestrial origins, and struggling to find his destiny in life.

The series often deals with the people in Clark Kent's life: the trials and tribulations of his adoptive human parents, Jonathan Kent and Martha Kent; friendship with his peers Chloe Sullivan and Pete Ross; his attempts at a relationship with his sometimes love interest, Lana Lang; and especially his peculiar friendship with a young Lex Luthor.

The element of Kryptonite is used as a recurring plot device throughout the series. Kryptonite is shown to have bizarre and lingering effects on human physiology and the young superhero often encounters mutated villains who have developed bizarre powers, such as psychic abilities, shape-shifting, and other paranormal abilities (for this reason, the show is often criticized as being predominately a "villain of the week" series.) Regarding Kryptonians like Clark, though, the Kryptonite has very different effects; the general premise is that Clark is virtually invincible except when around Kryptonite. Different colors affect Clark differently: Green Kryptonite physically weakens him and could possibly kill him if he is exposed to it for too long. Red Kryptonite causes him to set aside moral compunctions and act out on his impulses and dark desires. Black Kryptonite splits Clark into (and merges him back together from) two separate beings that exhibit his two personalities (Clark Kent and the darker Kal-El).

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Tie-in Novels for Smallville

  • Animal Rage by David Cody Weiss

  • Arrival by Michael Teitelbaum

  • Buried Secrets by Suzan Colon

  • City by Devin Grayson

  • Curse by Alan Grant

  • Dragon by Alan Grant

  • Flight by Cherie Bennett

  • Greed by Cherie Bennett

  • Hauntings by Nancy Holder

  • Runaway by Suzan Colon

  • See No Evil by Cherie Bennett

  • Shadows by Diana G Gallagher

  • Silence by Nancy Holder

  • Sparks by Cherie Bennett

  • Speed by Cherie Bennett

  • Strange Visitors by Roger Stern

  • Temptation by Suzan Colon

  • Whodunnit by Dean Wesley Smith
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